"Ya, My Phone..." Dealing With a Wireless Rep

Ya, my phone…

Okay, before I start, let me explain the title. This is a common phrase heard among all the different employees at different carriers. I want this to be a positive reflection of what I’m about to say, but some may take it personal. This is the dreaded phrase that has started many arguments between customer and carrier. Its like Clint Eastwood hearing a gun lever pulled back slowly in a crowded saloon. You’ve just now put yourself on the offensive. To you, you’re only beginning a conversation about the many problems with your phone, but what the sales rep hears is the calm before the storm. He’s ready for the fist shaking, teeth clenching, heart-pounding, ulcer creating showdown where he will tell you ‘No!’ to whatever logical problem you are having with your phone ONLY because he thought you’d go in shooting first!


Now, let me say this… its not your fault. If you have ever had a bad experience in a store and you approached the rep calm and collected, had your phone fully charged, were ready to hear all your options before making a judgement on whatever carrier your with’s policies… you flat out got a crappy rep. The rest of you (myself included), here are a few tips to having a better store experience when going into a store for issues:

1. Don’t insult the intelligence of the Rep helping you! You wouldn’t yell at the kid helping you over the crackling intercom at Wendy’s would you? Me niether, I would insult him after getting my food, full well knowing he did not spit in it! Be kind to those who hold the power of giving you what you want. They may be stupid, but they still have a hand full of aces.

2. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your phone, don’t tell the rep he doesn’t either. You don’t tell your dentist he isn’t doing it right, so why question him? Just wait patiently and see what he says after troubleshooting before making a judgement call.

3. Don’t lie! How do you suggest they fix your problem when they don’t have the facts. Would you lie to your Doctor about symptoms? Keep in mind they are only asking questions not to accuse you, but to help you. Many people miss out on a real solution because they left out or changed the information.

4. Compliment the rep. This may seem odd, but simple phrases like “you really know what your doing there!” “I’m glad your helping me today. Last time I came in it was awful, and you seem very smart with phones.” “I appreciate your diligence.” You get the idea. The rep is not only going to be hell-bent on fixing your issue, he might even bypass protocol and go the extra mile. Know why? Here’s a secret… reps want to deal with you again. They deal with so many angry people, they will work twice as hard fixing the nice, friendly problem rather than the easy, angry problem.

5. Understand the terms of your contract and warranties. The best way to avoid problems in the future is to discuss any questions you have at the time of purchase. Its amazing the number of people I talk to who don’t know how much their cancellation fee is, how much they pay on their monthly bill or even their own phone number. Be sure to get the basic info up front rather than being tangled in a web of uncertainty.

Obviously there are many other suggestions, but these are my top recommendations to avoid gunslinging with the rep. There are many varying degrees of problems, but the best solved problems are the ones satisfied. Keep in mind, no carrier wants you to walk. They only want yo do what’s fair. You obligated yourself to their service which costs a lot of money to maintain. Are there unfair stipulations? Yes of course.  But not really all of them.

Feel free to comment on this post if you feel you have been wronged by any carrier. The staff at phonecan is always working for!