Help Wanted

PhoneCan needs help, and we’re hoping you’re the help we need!

This site is in need of some additional writing staff for our main site, as well as moderators for our new forums pages.

Writing Staff Needed:

The editors of PhoneCan are looking for writers with a distinct voice and philosophy that closely matches our own.

We believe that an educated and responsible consumer is an extremely empowered consumer.  It is our mission to clear a path for the wireless consumer to make the best possible decisions that meet their own circumstances.  Along the way, we provide our own insight, product information, and reliable news.  We avoid rumor and speculation.

This is a labor of love type of gig - we don’t make any money yet, but we’re hoping to someday soon.  We need writers with a love and passion for the business, who don’t mind doing a little freelance work while we’re trying to build up the site.

If the direction of PhoneCan matches your own, and you have the writing bug, please contact us directly.  Indicate your experience and focus, interest in wireless, and any abilities or information you deem important.  We will respond with an email requesting a sample article of your chosing and including a statement about PhoneCan’s direction and intent.

Forum Moderators Needed:

We’ve just launched our own online forums, and we need help making sure we keep the conversation clean, friendly, and on-topic.  If you’d like to give moderating a try, please contact us directly.  Like our writing staff, this is a rich and rewarding experience you’ll cherish for many years to come (or in other words, without any pay at this time).

We look forward to hearing from you.

Epik & Menno,
PhoneCan Editors
Deepskyblue, Writer