Verizon and Motorola to Launch DROID PRO and Citrus

Verizon Wireless and Motorola announced yesterday the launch of two new Android devices in their Droid/Android line of phones: The Motorola DROID PRO, and the Motorola Citrus

Many people inside the rumor mills found online thought the Droid Pro would be an alternate version of the Droid 2, also by Motorola - namely, a global version.  The rumor sites were in for a big shock when they discovered the phone had little resemblance to the Droid 2, looking more like a 2011-style Motorola Q.  (Author’s note, this is why PhoneCan doesn’t dig too far into rumors!)

Verizon hasn’t released any pricing for the phones, and their tentative launch dates are “soon” and “Q4 2010,” so expect to see pricing and availability later.

In the meantime, we thought some of you might be interested in reading some of the specs on these phones.


Motorola DROID PRO Motorola Citrus

Motorola DROID PRO Motorola Citrus
Android 2.2 operating system Android 2.1 operating system
1GHz processor 528MHz processor
2GB internal / 2GB removable memory 100MB internal / 2GB removable memory
3.1″ multi-touch screen 3.0″ capacitive touch screen
5mp Camera / Dual flash 3mp Camera / No flash
3G (1xEVDO Rev A) / All Global 3G (1xEVDO Rev 0)
WiFi / a/sGPS / Bluetooth v2.1 WiFi / a/sGPS / Bluetooth v2
HTML Webkit / Adobe Flash 10.1 HTML Webkit / No Adobe Flash
MS Exchange / Gmail compatible Gmail compatible
Target customer: business / global business Target customer: entry-level / transitioning
Motorola DROID PRO Spec Page Motorola Citrus Spec Page

Click on the “Spec Page” links for full information on these two phones.

We will let you know when pricing and availability are announced.