Motorola Atrix: Is this what the future looks like?

The Motorola Atrix:  King of CESCES is finally winding down, and while tech sites are falling over themselves to bring you news about that iPhone coming to Verizon, we wanted to focus on some actual innovation.

At first blush, it just looks like all the other high end “4g” phones coming to carriers this year.  Dual Core Tegra2 processor, huge screen, some cool HDMI features.  But this little device is looking to change how we think about what a mobile device can and cannot do.

Join us after the break to find out about this amazing device, easily the best in show from CES.


What is the Atrix?

The Atrix is a monster of a phone.  It sports one of the new Dual Core Tegra 2 processors that allow for high-power processing while reducing battery drain.  Simply put: It will be more powerful than your current phone with similar or better battery life.  It sports double the RAM of any previous device, a high resolution screen, and a ton of other goodies sure to keep the inner tech geek in all of us happy.

But what really sets the Atrix apart are the docks.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out.

That’s a 12″, 2.6 pound netbook that uses the PHONE as the processor.  How it works, is when you plug the device into the dock, it boots up a custom version of Linux that gives you a fully functional desktop version of Firefox.  No, it’s not a total operating system, but it gives people a full desktop browsing experience, which is a great start.  They also have a desktop dock which works the same way but with a full sized screen.

Let me say that again..  Your phone can turn into a netbook by dropping it in a dock.

I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen.  To me, the future of mobile technology is that your phone becomes your everything device.  Want to watch the life game?  Plug it into your TV and forget paying for cable as you travel.  Need to pound out a quick paper?  just plug in a normal monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and have at it.

We’ll have to wait until actual devices start making the review circuit to see how it holds up as a smartphone, but this is the first device in years to bring some true innovation to our perception of what a mobile device can be.  Sales rep’s like saying that having a smartphone is like having a computer in your pocket.  With the Atrix, it will be a reality.