LG Voyager VX-10000/VX-10000S for Verizon

PhoneSplat Review: LG Voyager VX-10000/VX10000S
Carrier: Verizon Wireless
Manufacturer: LG

The LG Voyager was Verizon’s first touch-screen (non-PDA) device. The format of the device seems to have been built off the popular LG enV platform, given its similar interior, size, and hinge format, but adds a touch screen interface on the exterior of the device. The Voyager is one of Verizon’s flagship devices, and offers almost 100% of the features available through this carrier. The size of the device causes both concern and praise from users, yet the available features impress just about any customer.

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  • ****-
    Terry Ross
    Comment from: Terry Ross
    03/12/09 @ 10:44:08 am

    I love my voyager. i have had it for 4 months and no problems. i have two small complaints that do not really affect me to much. first is how the phone opens. i dont care much for the sreen opening behind the qwerty. it makes it akward to type sometimes. and the second is that there is no flash on the camera. this isn't a big deal because flashes for cellphones are never that good in the first place. all in all i give the best phone i have ever owned a 4 out of 5.

  • Cortez
    Comment from: Cortez
    01/15/10 @ 06:21:44 am

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