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About Us:

PhoneCan was started by wireless industry professionals, frequent forum contributors, and phone enthusiasts with the hope to provide real and honest opinions, advice, and reviews concerning the things which matter most to today’s consumers.  We won’t waste your time with tons of rumor and uneducated guessing.  We’re here to help you understand the state of the wireless business, and how it relates to real people.  Our passion for the business as well as our need to share and teach the public is what drives us.  All we ask is that you read, ask questions, and be informed.  And maybe click on an ad or two while you’re here, so we can pay for this little endeavor.

Our People:

We were founded by Guru, who helps handle our servers and software, but has little time to contribute.  Because of his position within the wireless industry, he chose to go by an alias until the day this site is self-sustaining.  As such, he has also asked his team to use aliases as well.

Our founding contributors and editors are:

Our other contributors include:

Color commentary and inuendo by Coleslaw.

Historical and Technical Information:

We were founded in 2009 as PhoneSplat.com, which never panned out.  In 2010, we were relaunched as PhoneCan.com.  As of August 2011, we receive approximately 5000 visitors each month.  Not bad for a site with zero budget, zero writing compensation, and only a few contributors.  But hey, we’re not bragging.

At times, PhoneCan has also maintained an Android-related area as well as a quick answer area.  These sections of our site are under review to see if they should be maintained.

In July 2011, we launched our online forums.

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