Hot Android App: Swype Beta

Swype is a downloadable keyboard that allows you to “type” on the screen without having to lift your fingers for each letter.  You touch the first letter, then slide your finger to the next, until you get to the end of your word.  The app will predict your word, usually getting it right on the first shot, but if it questions the keys you swiped, it will let you confirm the word.  Words with double letters have no need for finger lift or sliding off the key - it figures that out for you.  So, you spell the word “looking” as if it were “loking” and it will come up correctly as “looking.”

Swype ran as a beta test on Android for most of this year, but it currently closed.  There is no indication of when the app will be made available officially.  As such, the app has become quite the sought-after gem.  But, if you’re good at digging around online (like we are), you can download the beta test now and try it on your phone.   Follow the instructions below to download and install Swype Beta for Android.


Installation instructions:

1)  Go to Settings > applications and check the “Unknown sources” box.
2)  Go to this article on your phone, and click the download link below.
3)  You should see a file downloading in your notification bar, click it.  You will see your download area.
4)  Find the Swype file and click on it.  Let the file install.
5)  If the app doesn’t already ask you to change settings, from the home screen of your phone go to Settings > Language & keyboard, and check the “Swype” box.
6)  Go into a message, doesn’t matter what kind.  Press the text field to pop up the keyboard.  Then do a long press on the text field, and you should have a pop-up labeled “Edit text.”  Click on “Input method,” and then select “Swype” as your input method. 
7)  Start playing with Swype!

Download file through HERE.