Angry Birds App Available For Android - FREE!

@Rhymo worked out great too (once servers recovered) 1M+ downloads first day - RovioMobile, via Twitter


And with that, Rovio Mobile announced it had over one million downloads of Angry Birds for Android in it’s first day.


Angry Birds

If you’re not familiar with Angry Birds, you probably don’t have an iPhone or iPad.  The game that flings birds into structures to topple the enemy has been a wild success on the Apple format.  Rovio had no sooner launched the Android version of the app when it hit more than one million downloads in it’s first day.  Granted, the game was offered for free, which may have a lot to do with it’s popularity.

Rovio decided to launch the new Android version of Angry Birds without the Android Market, meaning you have to have changed your app settings to load apps from “unknown sources.”  The application is available through GetJar instead of the Android Market, apparently due to problems with Google.

The initial announcement can be read here.

Until it launched for Android, I had never played the game.  I’m into level two now, and can tell you that this is the most addictive (free) game I’ve played since Robo Defense.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds can be loaded through, or possibly through the Android Market using the barcode above.