Hello PhoneCan

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. On Phonescoop, Engadget, and technology forums, I go by the name Menno, so that’s what I’ll use here as well. I’m a teck geek. I spend more time than what most people consider “normal” reading up about technology in general and cell phone’s in particular. I’m also a marketing major, economic hobbyist, and someone who spent a lot of time getting to know the cell phone industry itself.

When I read customers asking questions on forums, I’d try to do my best to help them, but I quickly discovered that forums weren’t the best medium for this. There are some very common questions that come up month in and month out, so I’d find myself answering the same thing over and over again. I started blogging on my own, but I only have a very narrow range of experience for some things, such as the differences between carriers, and what’s the point of running a technology blog if you can’t get over your own biases? So I joined the PhoneCan team. 

What I hope to bring to PhoneCan is commentary on the wireless industry, specifically when it comes to technology. There are enough rumor sites out there, so I don’t plan on contributing to that. I’ll help you learn how to save money, choose a new carrier, and get the most out of your current device/plan. 

With the help of Epik, Guru, and others, I hope to create a website that will be your go-to destination when it comes to expert commentary on the wireless industry, and the location of some of the best reviews and insight available online, but we can only do that with an active community of writers and contributors.

So hello PhoneCan, let’s start creating.