My name is Epik.  I frequent the Phonescoop.com Verizon forum quite a bit.  I am the silent assistant to this blog, preferring to work on the blogging software and back end over writing.  I do enough of that as it is, but most of all, I work in the wireless industry and have limited my thoughts and opinions to specific sites to avoid being detected by my employer.

Well, it’s fine time I speak up.

Don’t read too far into this - I’m not going to talk about my company.  I am, however going to voice my opinion.

On Phonescoop, I am known for my fair take on things.  I am a guest in their forums (some call me a legend), and there are people coming to the forums simply looking to ask questions.  I try not to come across in a negative way. out of respect for that space.  I won’t have as many restrictions here.  Guru, my friend and this site’s main contributor, has given me his blessing to speak my mind on this blog as I see fit.  I won’t be a whole lot different than I am on Phonescoop, but I won’t be restricted by respect and etiquette, either.

I will now dispense of my own editorials.

Welcome to a new world.